onsdag 28 oktober 2015


hey, I'm back!  it's been a really long time since last time I did something with this place, you know, life comes in-between etc etc. yet, I missed having a place for me & my photos, it sure is more fun to share them with you instead of having them stuffed away in some folder on my computer, hidden from the world. as I've said plenty of times before, I will try to get this place up and running again, although I will most likely just upload photos and not write that much. 

anyhow! life's been great and I won't recap the last half-year because who has the time for that anyway? yet, I can tell you that I've been traveling A LOT the past few months. I've been to the amsterdam, brussels, luxembourg, around spain, paris, berlin, rome, budapest, prague, copenhagen, stockholm, oslo so expect a lot of photos from these places. let's begin with AMSTERDAM!